‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Introduces Major Character’s Parents During Awkward Family Lunch

Grey's Anatomy He organized considered one of his most awkward household reunions thus far! ABC's medical drama featured Hyperlink's dad and mom (Chris Carmack) throughout this 12 months's Halloween episode, carrying all their household baggage to the physician's annual "cancerversary" celebration. Lunch additionally labored for Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) and Link to reveal the news of your pregnancy, however his dad and mom overcame the event with their very own wonderful information.

Spoilers forward to Grey's Anatomy Season 16, Episode 6: "Whistlin & # 39; Previous the Graveyard"

Hyperlink stunned Amelia with the invitation to lunch on the hospital, revealing that she had met together with her dad and mom yearly on the anniversary of the information that they found she formally had no most cancers.

While he appreciated the tradition given his long battle with cancer as a child, he warned his girlfriend that the meal usually ends badly with the divorced couple at odds about who has the best life after their divorce.

Amelia seems nervous, but in the end she knows she's there for Link, as he was there for her when the couple had an impromptu dinner with the Shepherd sisters in season 15.

The awkward lunch came with its own set of surprises. Amelia and Link arrived to find Link's parents apparently nervous. His mother then says he is remarrying, a sudden decision he is very happy about.

Link's father begs him not to talk about it on the occasion of cancer, but Link says he is excited to meet the man who makes his mother so happy. Then he surprises him even more when he announces that he already met him, because she and her father are getting married again. She revealed that they reconnected after Link's father moved to the same city, and despite avoiding each other in dating applications, they decided to try their relationship again.

Link remains silent for a while to digest the news before lashing out at the two. He remembers the years he spent being thrown from house to house after his bitter divorce. He remembered spending Christmas day at the airport because he had to have breakfast at one of the parents 'houses and dine at the others'.

In the midst of his anger, he releases the news of her pregnancy and Amelia's before leaving. Nonetheless, Amelia speaks it out and convinces him to do issues proper along with his dad and mom. Nonetheless, the discomfort continues, after they are saying they plan to marry round Amelia's due date, earlier than saying they will change their plans if crucial.

What did you consider Hyperlink's dad and mom? Are we invited to that chaotic wedding ceremony? Grey's Anatomy airs on Thursdays at eight p.m. ET on ABC.


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