James Spader loses blood in ‘Blacklist’ Season 7 trailer

NBC launched a trailer for the seventh season of The Blacklist on Friday. the James Spader the drama returns on October four at eight p.m. on NBC

Season 6 ended with Raymond Reddington (Spader) visiting his former lover Katarina Rostova (Leila Robbins), who injected a syringe and kidnapped him. The trailer begins with that scene.

As soon as the FBI finds out "Red" Miss Elizabeth Eager (Megan Boone) asks individuals about Purple's whereabouts. They solely inform her about "a Russian", however she is aware of that may solely imply Katarina.

Again in Katarina's hiding place, Purple is chained with a bag of blood that drains its fluids. Katarina is assured that she will be able to make Purple speak. Purple is normally the one in management. Even in captivity, Purple may play with the authorities. Thus started his relationship with Eager and the FBI to seek out all the damaging names on his blacklist.

Katarina has appeared on The Blacklist earlier than in flashbacks. Lotte Verbeek She performed the younger Katarina, a KGB agent who crossed paths with Purple and was concerned with Eager's father.

Spader has gained two Golden Globe nominations for his interpretation of "Red" Reddington Blacklist specialist coordinator Cort Hessler gained an Emmy in 2014 and nominations from 2015 to 2019.

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