Miriam Rivera, ‘the world’s first trans reality TV star,’ dies under mysterious circumstances / LGBTQ Nation

Miriam Rivera Photograph: screenshot of "There's one thing about Miriam"

Lawyer reports Miriam Rivera, "the world's first transgender actuality tv star," died in suspicious circumstances: she was hanging at her house in Hermosillo, Mexico, at 38.

Rivera's husband, New York resident Daniel Cuervo, says Rivera known as him on the morning of February 5 complaining of "feeling sick and vomiting blood." At his request, she went to the hospital after which left the hospital at midday. Two hours later, she was found lifeless hanged in her residence.

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Crow and others suspect foul play. They suppose Rivera was murdered and that her demise appeared like suicide, presumably for refusing to take part in intercourse work.

Rivera had began doing intercourse work in 2010 to pay the medical prices of "when he fell out of the window of his New York residence in 2007." Rivera stated he had escaped a thief, however one other pal of his, Jeanett Ørtoft, says he was pushed out the window in an assassination try.

Crow additionally stated that somebody known as him after Rivera's demise and stated: "Don't come again to Mexico or we'll kill you too."

Ørtoft says that Rivera was near ending a level and wished to write down a memoir: future life plans which may not occur to a suicidal individual.

Though his demise occurred in February, he’s now receiving widespread consideration.

In 2004, Rivera appeared in a collection of actuality relationship UK titled There’s something about Miriam during which a number of suitors had been handed over who solely discovered about their trans identification within the closing episode of this system It was first aired in the UK after which in Australia, Poland, Argentina and america.

After this system was aired, its male individuals sued the producers for "conspiracy to commit sexual assault, defamation, breach of contract and private damage within the type of psychological and emotional harm." according to the Daily Mail Australia. They reached an out-of-court settlement for an undisclosed sum.

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