After 20 years of working with top brands like X-Factor, Pop Idol, Talent, Best Singers, and Fort Boyard, media veteran and two time Berlin International Pitch winner Anssi Rimpela found himself in the midst of a new vision in entertainment.

Proven Experience

Formats with production hubs and turnkey services

The challenge:

to bring together the top talents of the entertainment industry and create new, engaging, and superior-quality content focused on worldwide multi-industry collaboration. Rimpela saw the digital disruption opening new possibilities that were previously unheard of. And they were coming to shake up areas like media entertainment concepts and format design

  • What if, he asked, we could develop original top quality media formats that carried a unique design for centralised production?
  • What if, he questioned, we could include built-in collaboration across different industries and platforms?

More importantly, Rimpela found himself asking how we could create premium content with strong creativity and production value to compete with industry giants like Netflix, HBO, and more? The answer, unfortunately, wasn’t out there. And so, Rimpela developed UpToLevel Media as a groundbreaking, innovative new response


There is always a demand for stories that bring entertainment, joy, comfort and hope to our lives and every era needs its stories told and heard. We at UpToLevel Media, are here to proudly carry our part in the eternal chain of storytellers that bring communities together.

UpToLevel Media is a creative powerhouse focused on original TV and media formats. Our services are different in that we seek to push ideas that not only can travel the world, but bring new commercial collaboration partnership opportunities, and scale projects to global status.

At UpToLevel Media, we create formats with production hubs and turnkey services to produce quality content with clear, straight to the point agreements. No hassle. No hidden clauses. Just scalable collaborations that can work across traditional and morphing market regions.

As big media houses grow, there exists an increasing demand for new IP with solid, cost-effective production plans. UpToLevel Media works to fill the void and supply worldwide audiences with top quality hits that can be replicated across cultures.