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Ahhhh, let's get back to normal with a whole season of “Reader Emails” on Wednesday. Life is totally back to normal, right? I can take off my mask, attend sporting events, and hang out with friends, right? No, wait? I thought that now that we are in 2021, everything would be different? That's what social networks told me that 2020 was behind us and 2021 was going to be totally different. Oh good. By the way, I totally agree with the guys from "Masked Dancer". You'll see me tweet about it tonight as I'm associated with them, but damn I didn't want to be sucked in and now I am. We have new dancers tonight, but I think Charli D’Amelio was one of those from last week. I don't remember which costume because my mind is going blank, but I know I was convinced that she was one of them. Did you see the commercial tonight where someone falls and splashes on stage? Hey, the fact that David Silver is a judge is all the convincing I needed to watch this show. So tune in tonight on 8/7 Central for episode # 2 of “Masked Singer” on Fox. I want to see some of your guesses. And yes, don't think that afterwards I won't stick around for "Name That Tune." I saw it all the time in the 80s even though I hardly knew any of the songs.

Yesterday I talked about Maddy Bierster's Tik Tok account, who accused Rachael of bullying her in high school and also making fun of her for dating black guys. Maddy said she would follow up with more yesterday, and although she pulled out more Tik Toks, there were no receipts. He posted screenshots of other people's text messages saying yes, that Rachael and her group of friends did it, but unfortunately in the current age, that doesn't prove anything. I'm not saying Maddy is lying. I'm also not saying that Rachael did this. The only people who know are those involved. This is the dilemma of simply launching accusations on the Internet. While it may be your reality and what you say happened to you, to try to get others to believe you, you almost have to have solid evidence. What Maddy provided yesterday was not any solid physical proof that Rachael and her friends did this in high school. Have any people emailed me and told me that Maddy is absolutely telling the truth and that Rachael and her friends were absolutely racist bad girls in high school? Yes. Rachael's good friend did a Twitter cleanup yesterday when people found racist tweets on her page from 2011. Screenshots were taken, so that doesn't help her. Have I also had people tell me that Maddy is an influence chaser and attention seeking and that Rachael and her friends never bullied her and it was the other way around? Yes.

So this was one of the text messages Maddy received that she posted on her Tik Tok yesterday:

"Hey girl I know you don't know me but I saw all that tik tok drama and oh my gosh I'm here for it, don't let these girls drag you down, they literally are so bad and still are. They literally attacked me like hell in high school and I know I'm not the only one. Seriously, stay strong and keep going to hell with them! "

First of all, a little punctuation wouldn't hurt anyone. Second, what do you do with something like that? While Maddy thinks that supports her case, unfortunately in the court of public opinion, that text means nothing. This person didn't attach a name, didn't give any specifics, and it was so general, how is anyone supposed to look at that and say, "Yes, Rachael is guilty." You can not. It also does not mean that he is innocent, but that is certainly not evidence to support his guilt. Everything is circumstantial evidence. So at this point, this is a she said / she said debate that will probably never have a final resolution unless there is some solid evidence that this happened. I will not reject Maddy's claims or condemn Rachael. You saw what Maddy had to say, and I doubt you will hear any comments from Rachael because I don't see her address this, in public or in private. Make your own decision from there.

The ratings are in final night time and the "Bachelor" did … ummm … okay? 5 million viewers and a score of 1.2. Tayshia's remaining on Tuesday made 5.2 million and a score of 1.three. Peter's premiere final January made 6 million and a score of 1.9. So the numbers are positively down. Like we stated, the community's scores are low throughout the board, so a part of it’s that. It is going to be simpler to evaluate because the season progresses. Subsequent week, the numbers will certainly go down as a result of he’ll face the Alabama / Ohio St. recreation. Peter's second inning additionally confronted the Nationwide Championship final 12 months and drew 5.2 million and a 1.6 score. Matt received't draw that simply based mostly on what his first episode drew. A very powerful factor to think about might be what number of tune in to the Matt / ATFR finale and what the rise is for the reason that begin of the season. Whereas nice for viewers, there have been solely 2 weeks between seasons, the numbers could also be fairly common for Matt's premiere attributable to Bachelor's "fatigue." Possibly 6 consecutive months of "bachelor / ette" programming is an excessive amount of for individuals. As a result of from the premiere of Clare in October to the tip of Matt in mid-March, exterior of final week, the present will air each week for six months in a row.

This was despatched to me by a Fb group final night time. I suppose only a few of you after Monday's episode thought, "Hey, are you aware that van Khaylah confirmed up in? How did they get it? Effectively, though you most likely by no means thought that, right here is your reply:

There you go The lifetime of how a random truck ends on the present. Bit unusual.

"Reader Emails" begins on web page 2 …

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