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We're back in business tonight with episode 2, and sorry, it's really weird that this show airs on Tuesdays this season. Yes, it's temporary and we'll go back to Monday once Matt's season airs and the season has passed, but this is really mind-blowing and will take some getting used to. We have two group dates tonight along with Jason Foster's 1 on 1. I can tell you that tonight doesn't end with a rose ceremony, so it looks like they're going to extend Clare's time on the show by at least 5 episodes now. Also, Yosef's plot doesn't even happen tonight, so next week's episode will begin. We know that in recent years this show has chosen not to end each episode with a rose ceremony, and tonight is no different. No matter how much people complain about it, it seems like they still want to do their thing. Oh good. I guess we have to deal with that. I just know that it's coming tonight and we won't have the main drama with Yosef (along with his elimination and the second rose ceremony) until the next episode. Fun times, I tell you. And assuming they don't end next week's episode with the n rose ceremony. 3, we are definitely watching Clare on the show for 5 episodes. Then Tayshia will take over.

As for Tayshia, I'm even scared to say this because people will surely jump down my throat, but I'm starting to hear a little more about her ending. However, I do not have all the details or the exact names of the people involved. Just a little the essence of what happens. I know it won't be enough for most of you, but hey, I think I'm getting closer. When I have more details and what names go with what I'm hearing, I'll report it.

Also, a couple of little spoilers to report on the filming of Matt James. We already know that many of the women are at home, as some of those who have have not been shy about going back to their GI and following each other. However, I can report three things:

1. There are people who are at home I have not had some IG activity.
2. The 43 women who were published two weeks ago did not make it to night 1
3. Madison Nelson, whom I reported dating Matt last summer for a couple of months, never made the final cast. They cut her off before filming started.

The ceremony of the rose n. 3 was last night so you can probably wait a few more to get back on your GI today or tomorrow.

Something I mentioned on my IG live last Wednesday was the fact that I found out about two guys in Clare's season who have been married and engaged before. It's not big news, but since we haven't talked much about these guys' backgrounds, it's certainly news. I have not seen this reported anywhere. These guys have been known to be in Clare's season since July. No one has said a word. Now look at how many outlets are reporting this as of right now. It will be comical. First, we have Brendan Morais. From what I've gathered, he was married to Simone Santos for a few years and ended about a year ago. They have also known each other since high school. Your IG is @ simone.everything. You possibly can even see on his IG account, his outdated username was once _simonemorais_. They lived collectively in Los Angeles, and after they divorced, she moved again to Massachusetts. His IG is public if you wish to see who he’s, though I suppose it’s going to go non-public fairly rapidly now that that is accessible.

The opposite considered one of Clare / Tayshia's guys who was in a severe relationship was Bennett Jordan. Or how he’s recognized in these photographs, "Ben". Judging from these pictures, it seems to be like she obtained engaged a few 12 months in the past, August 2019:

Since then, all of these pictures have been faraway from his two accounts. I feel that claims one thing. I do not know if that is one thing "Ben" will speak about on the present or if it’s going to develop into a part of his story. However I feel the photographs present that he was engaged final 12 months sooner or later. You recognize, except she determined to publish a photograph of a hoop in February of final 12 months saying that they had a "essential announcement" only for enjoyable. Curious to see if any of those relationships are talked about as a part of Brendan or Bennett's backstory.

"Reader Emails" begins on web page 2 …

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