The 10 Best ‘What If?’ Alternate Reality TV Episodes

The subsequent Disney present What if? Look what would occur if the favored Marvel tales got here with a twist. What if Spider-Man had joined the Unbelievable 4, or Peggy Carter was Captain America? This system, primarily based on a collection of comics, is now a part of a protracted development of tv applications that make their very own various actuality or episodes of "what if". Let's check out a number of the finest.

In our video (above) and within the checklist, we’ve got chosen a few of our favourite episodes "what would occur if" on tv. In fact, we might by no means embrace all of them: in a single case, an article is a couple of full collection as a result of we couldn’t restrict the most effective. (You could possibly guess). Be sure you tell us your favourite episodes of "what would occur if" within the feedback, and don't overlook your evil knob.

A scene from Heroes’" 5 Years Gone. "
Picture: NBC

10) Heroes: "5 years handed"

The primary, and probably solely goodseason Heroes Hiro and Ando traveled 5 years into the long run to a actuality during which they might not stop Sylar from exploiting New York Metropolis. The heroes are hunted, Peter has a candy scar and his brother Nathan is the fascist president of america … and in addition Sylar in disguise. It was a darkish and unhappy look of what it might have been if saving the cheerleader had not saved the world.

The angels meet.
Picture: CW

9) Legends of Tomorrow: "Legends of To-Meow-Meow"

On the other finish, you will have Legends of Tomorrow. Within the dumb however nonetheless surprising mid-season finale, John Constantine adjustments the story by returning and saving his boyfriend. This results in a collection of different realities "timey-wimey" the place Legends are motion bros within the fashion of the 80s, Charlie's Angels…and naturally, puppets. It might have been unusual, however solely Legends might make one thing like this work.

Catra and Adora share an exceptionally tender second throughout She-ra
Picture: DreamWorks

eight) She-Ra and the princesses of energy: "Keep in mind / The Portal"

The most recent addition to our checklist, She-Ra & # 39; s third season It ended with an explosion when a portal took our heroes to a actuality that gave them issues that they had misplaced. For instance, Adora and Catra grew to become buddies once more, and Glimmer recovered her father. However it didn't take lengthy for our heroes to comprehend you can't have everything, forcing them to make the final sacrifice to do issues proper.

Caeser could have gone too far this time.
Picture: Syfy

7) Xena: warrior princess: "When destiny collides"

Xena's actuality was reversed extra instances than we are able to depend, however the final one might be the most effective. On this episode, Julio César (considered one of The many appearances of Karl Urban) forces Locations to alter historical past in order that Xena turns into her ally and queen. In fact, a go to from Gabrielle modified all the things. It presents the return of virtually all the favourite characters of the followers, and a few of a very long time Xena Followers select to observe it after the top of the collection, because the "true" finish of the present.

I can't escape this.
Picture: CW

6) The flash: "Flash level"

Barry Allen's best remorse was that he might by no means save his mom. However in actuality, he did. "Flash point"It takes place in a world the place Barry's mother and father are alive and he can reside a reasonably regular life. However he can't final, and eventually he has to sacrifice the world of his goals for the actual one. It's heartbreaking as a result of Barry is aware of that coming again means dropping to his mom once more.

Lisa and Homer share a second throughout "Lisa's Marriage ceremony".
Picture: Fox

5) The Simpsons: "Lisa's marriage ceremony"

The Simpsons Y Futurama each ventured into tales "what would occur if". "The Farnsworth Parabox" was about realities created by the flip of a coin, and "Bart to the Future" was surprisingly forward of his time together with his jokes by President Trump. However "Lisa's marriage ceremony" had the most important blow. The younger Lisa consults a fortune teller about her love life and sees a future during which she falls in love with a complicated British man who admires her however can’t settle for her household. Ultimately, Lisa chooses her household over him and cancels the marriage.

"It’s not".
Picture: NBC

four) Group: "Principle of remedial chaos"

Very related From Futurama "Anthology of curiosity", which featured a machine "what would occur if" instructed a number of attainable tales Group he plunged into six timelines in 21 minutes, all centered on a query: "Who’s going to get the pizza?" evil goats. It was a collection definition episode for Group and resulted in some killer memes.

Does the pet wish to play?
Picture: WB

three) Buffy the Vampire Hunt: "The will"

Truly can don’t be an exquisite life This episode of the third season begins with Cordelia wishing Buffy had by no means come to Sunnydale. It’s then taken to a actuality during which vampires, together with Willow and Xander, have taken over the town, and the resistance is actually disappearing. Not solely is it thought-about a primary episode of "what would occur if", but it surely additionally featured Anya's debut, which grew to become a key a part of the present.

Donna makes a tough resolution.
Picture: BBC

two) Physician who: "Flip left"

Like many companions, Donna's life modified perpetually the second she met the Physician. However what if I hadn't completed it? That’s the argument of "Flip left", a strong episode the place the destiny of all the universe will depend on that fateful encounter. With out figuring out Donna, the Physician dies, inflicting a nightmare actuality the place alien invasions drag the world right into a extra bleak and dystopian future. Donna has to sacrifice all the things, together with her personal life, with the promise that … in the future … she and the Physician will unite and save the world.

What simply occurred?
Picture: CBS

one) Star trek: All of it

We couldn’t select only one episode of "what would occur if" Star trek, so we determined to honor every considered one of them. Both the evil and chaotic timeline of "Mirror Mirror" Star Trek: Voyager "Yr of Hell", or the pulp fiction various science fiction world of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine & # 39; s stunning "Past the celebrities" Star trek He outlined the artwork of different realities and used selections of attainable worlds to higher inform the alternatives we make on this.

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