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Is Thanksgiving Overrated, Underrated, or Unrated? I like vacations. I make. I like food, so naturally a vacation that features turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean stew, stuffing, and a few other side dishes that I ignore will almost always be a good time. But people love to participate in this holiday and rate it against others. I'm not sure I understand that. Does it matter? One of the most memorable Thanksgiving celebrations I had was in 2001. He worked on sports radio in Los Angeles, he was basically a backup guy, so naturally on Thanksgiving, they gave me and A Martinez (still on the LA radio for like this, I yell at my boy A. “Choco cake, choco cake, eat so much my belly hurts”) the 3-7pm shift that night. The Thanksgiving. So I missed all the holidays with the family and ended up ordering at Boston Market on the way home. You know what? It's not bad at all. Then again, I've always liked Boston Market anyway, but talk about a T-Day that I'll never forget. A had me on his show a couple of years ago and we still talk about it to this day. Who is listening to sports radio during driving time on Thanksgiving night. We were basically talking to ourselves, I think. I can't even remember what we packed 4 hours of programming with, but somehow we made it through. Good times.

After running this site for 18 years, one thing I've come to realize is that you really need to hit people over the head with something to get some kind of action / reaction. Case in point: yesterday in my column, the first two paragraphs were about how I was opening up this week's podcast to listeners. He explained Yappa, how it worked, how you could leave an audio comment on yesterday's post and then it would be part of tomorrow's podcast (which I will probably post later tonight). Anyway, after I went up that column yesterday, they were crickets. 3 hours later, no one had left a single audio message. I found that a bit strange. So I tweeted something, in addition to posting it to my IG asking for audio questions, and in the first hour, I was around 7 or 8. Now we're at 15. So why did it take a tweet and IG story to get people moving? Some things can simply never be explained. Any of you can hear the questions that people posted yesterday just by clicking on your default photo. I've uploaded them all, but haven't heard them all yet. I have not started to respond either. I will do it today. But if you still have a question that you want answered, then by all means, post it in yesterday's post or in today's post, and as long as it's within the next few hours it's very likely to show up on the podcast.

Anyone has kept up with Clare & Dale on IG stories. They are in San Diego right now and he has been with her for the last week. Which is kind of funny if you ask me, since A LOT of people were convinced that Dale was cheating, Dale was with other women, due to false and unsubstantiated rumors that IG pages decided to come out on top. So basically what you're telling me (if you're going to believe those things) is that Dale took Clare to South Dakota 3 weekends ago, where he met her family. Then 2 weeks ago, he was all over New York, kissing other women, on "dates" with non-Clare people, and basically being called a gamer. But then, for the last week, he's BACK with Clare for a whole week and now they're spending Thanksgiving together.

So do you really, really, honestly think that between two weekends when she met her family in South Dakota and they vacationed together, he had no problem seeing him with other women he was with? was he "dating" or "kissing"? If that's what happened, Dale could be the greatest player known to mankind. Of course, a rational person would realize that nothing posted two weekends ago was proof of something, but it was taken for granted. Do I know if Dale and Clare will get married, have babies, and stay married until one of them dies? No. None of us do. Time will tell. But what I do know is that all that crap that was posted 2 weekends ago when he was home in New York wasn't based on anything, and I said it at the time. Look no further than the two weekends surrounding that and I think you'll have an idea why.

Ooooohhhh, here's another bit of "tea" that got nowhere, and that's the TikTok girl who clearly thought she stumbled across something important when the whole "name of Tayshia's ex-husband appeared in the caption, MUST be in his season. " Uhhhh, no it isn't. I told you that TikTok once went viral and hundreds of people sent it to me. He was later approached by Tayshia in his IG story last weekend. And now Chris Harrison says, yes no, it won't happen. You don't know how your ex's name appeared in the caption, it wasn't on the network level, and your ex-husband nothing to do with this season. I can't look ahead to the subsequent TikTok information to come back out. It apparently occurs each season now.

ABC is basically turning issues round this season by permitting a number of the present contestants to podcast whereas they're nonetheless on the present, and now, even letting the eradicated contestants do interviews. This was a weekly factor, however then they stopped it a couple of seasons in the past. Properly, it's again, as America's favourite eradicated contestant Joe is beginning to flow into. He's on the podcast of that man who is aware of every little thing about every little thing and in addition this interview with Holy shit, this man does NOT belong within the singles world. What a breath of contemporary air. I actually hope this present doesn't corrupt you and switch you into a large jerk. That's among the best interviews I've learn after a contestant on this present. Discuss perspective. We want extra individuals like Joe and fewer individuals like, oh, I don't know, simply title another person from this franchise. It's an ideal learn.

The ratings are in since final night time, and the present dropped barely from final week. Final night time drew four.25 million viewers with a ranking of 1.2, in comparison with final week's ranking of four.four million and 1.three. It's not horrible, however it could actually put a sock within the mouth of people that by some means thought grades would skyrocket as soon as Clare left and Tayshia took over. Once more, she isn’t there to avoid wasting the present. These are just about the usual numbers that Clare was getting in her first few episodes. The fourth and fifth episodes noticed a spike as a result of that was the primary engagement / Tayshia episode, however since then, as soon as her season has settled down, she's been again to roughly the precise numbers that Clare received in her first three episodes. Neither is healthier than the opposite, is what I’m saying. Nonetheless, for some individuals, that’s merely inconceivable to just accept.

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