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I've been looking for a music to accompany the presidency of Donald Trump's actuality present, however it's already written: "Razzle Dazzle" by Chicago, the musical Bob Fosse of 1975 (and the Oscar-winning movie 2002), phrases of Fred Ebb, music by John Kander. You could find the melody on-line. Simply think about Richard Gere as Billy Flynn with orange hair.

Give them the previous dazzling glare

Razzle dazzles & # 39; em

Give them an act with quite a lot of flash

And the response shall be passionate.

Not possible to be detached. If we ignore Trump, his base might start to doubt him too. Our resistance, in your thoughts, validates it. I hate nonsense, they are saying. It’s not. It’s a ethical condemnation. There’s a massive distinction However the persistent roar of our outrage is a lot background noise in your standing ovation.

Give them the previous hocus pocus

Bead and feather & # 39; em

How can they see with sequins of their eyes?

What occurs if all of your hinges are rusty?

What if, in truth, you're simply disgusting?

Razzle dazzles & # 39; em

And they’re going to by no means notice.

Trump can't get sufficient of them, organizing demonstrations, it appears, each week. And so they can't get sufficient of him. And what if he lies? All politicians lie, proper? He tells many extra lies than the opposite boys, however these are lies they will consider in. Sure, he’s a womanizer. He cheated on his spouse, all his wives. He’s crooked in enterprise. It’s cozy with white supremacists. However he’s anti-abortionist! All is forgiven! He’s fully egocentric. He could have betrayed everybody in his life, together with his nation, his oath, however he's on his aspect! I’d by no means betray them. No means!

Give them the previous dazzling glare

Razzle dazzles & # 39; em

Give them a present that’s so splendid

Row after row will develop vociferously.

Pay no consideration to that lengthy practice of abuse of energy that happens behind the scenes. Pay no consideration to the truth that he acts extra as a Kremlin servant than as a defender of the Structure. Don’t take note of his fixed circulation of insults on Twitter, his teenage raving and emotionally unstable delirium, the sheer unadulterated meanness of man. Don’t take note of your disdain for checks, balances and citations. The regulation is for small individuals! He’s above all that. It’s the nice and highly effective Ozin his nice and unequaled knowledge, the chosen one, the savior, probably the most superb president within the historical past of america!

Don’t take note of surveys and specialists. His ramblings inform the story. This stuff of political judgment are nonsense. He’s harmless. A sufferer. Purely political. It's knowledgeable wrestling match and row after row is howling over Trump's orange scalp, however his base solely sees a white hat.

Give them the previous flim flam flummox

Cheat them and fracture them

How are you going to hear the reality in regards to the roar?

What’s the reality anyway? The reality is the winner's model. Don’t take note of the details. As Reagan stated, details are silly issues. As Marx (Groucho, not Karl) stated, "Who’re you going to consider, me or your personal eyes?" They’ve been deceived many occasions by their very own eyes. The American dream was false information.

Throw them a faux and an finish

They may by no means know you're only a bagel,

Razzle dazzles & # 39; em

And they’re going to beg you for extra!

The system is corrupt. They need somebody to empty and destroy the swamp. It takes a corrupt particular person to battle a corrupt system. Combat fireplace with fireplace, corruption with corruption. The winner is the one who’s most entertaining and Trump is simply entertaining. The gospel in response to Donald.

Give them the previous double blow,

Stun them and make them dizzy.

Again from the times of previous Methuselah

Everybody loves the nice bambooz-a-ler.

He speaks his language. They will learn between the strains, loud and clear. He says what he means and even when he doesn't, they know what he means. He says what they need to hear. They’re one-minded.

Give them the previous three-ring circus

Stun and stagger them

If you're in bother, go dance.

Now he’s in bother and dances to beat the band, dancing the dance of government privilege and immunity. Nobody can play it whereas sustaining the rhythm.

Though you’re stiffer than a beam

They may allow you to escape with the homicide

Razzle dazzles & # 39; em

And you’ve got a romance.

Trump stated he might shoot somebody on fifth Avenue in broad daylight and get away with it. He would declare himself in self-defense, as he at all times does.

Give them the previous

Razzle Dazzle

Razzle dazzles & # 39; em

Give them an act that’s impregnable

They may wait a yr till it’s out there!

The bottom can’t wait till 2020 to re-elect it. And if the opposite aspect prosecutes him and tries to get him out of the workplace, there shall be hell to pay.

Give them the previous

Double hit

Stun them and make them dizzy

Present them the primary stage sorcerer you’re.

Trump has many methods up his sleeve. He’ll take this selection out of his hat. 4 extra years … at the very least!

So long as you retain them out of steadiness

How can they see that you haven’t any skills?

Razzle dazzles & # 39; em

And they’re going to make you a star!

Or as Roxie Hart says in Chicago:

"The general public loves me. And I really like them. And so they love me for loving them. And I really like them for loving me. And we love one another. And that's as a result of none of us had love in our childhood.

"And that’s the leisure world."


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