This Tough as Nails Sneak Peek Is a Real-Life Nightmare for Anyone Afraid of Heights

Actuality tv has been a delight to many people through the international pandemic, and one of the vital encouraging and faith-restoring packages is CBS. Strong as nails, hosted and produced by Phil Keoghan. This system celebrates People who receive their coaching on the job and in the middle of this system's assigned duties, their power, endurance, agility, and psychological endurance are assessed.

We have now an unique take a look at an upcoming problem that entails a rescue, sure, it’s a doll, not an actual individual, however that also counts! The kicker: Contestants should carry out the duty on prime of the utility poles. These with a concern of heights shall be glad to be watching from residence. Malcolm Venable from visited the set and also attempted this challenge – See how you probably did it after which take into consideration how you’ll deal with an airborne rescue.

Tune in to see all of the real-life helpers when Robust as nails airs Wednesdays at eight / 7c on CBS.

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