Virtual reality shows potential as drug-free alternative to medication

Researchers in California have proven that digital actuality expertise can present a drug-free option to relieve ache in hospitalized sufferers.

Digital actuality (VR) has already been utilized in medical settings to assist relieve anxiousness, distract sufferers whereas treating wounds and cut back ache throughout bodily remedy in burn sufferers.

In an effort to receive extra data on the effectiveness of RV ache reduction, researchers on the Cedars-Sinai Medical Middle in Los Angeles carried out a randomized trial, assigning 120 sufferers with average or extreme ache to 2 teams. One group acquired a library of digital actuality experiences in a Samsung Gear Oculus headset, whereas the opposite group tuned their televisions to a well being and wellness channel that included guided rest and poetry readings.

Members had been requested to make use of the digital actuality tools or watch tv for at the least three classes of 10 minutes a day, for 2 consecutive days. The digital actuality simulations out there included a guided meditation with themes of nature; a "Bear Blast" recreation that concerned taking pictures animated targets; and a simulated flight of the Wright brothers' airplane over rural Ohio. Earlier than and after the classes, sufferers rated their ache on a scale of 1 to 10.

The research discovered that digital actuality was significantly better to reduce pain that tv "The VR exceeded the management situation and demonstrated advantages for a number of days of use," stated Dr. Brennan Spiegel.

Sufferers with extreme ache truly benefited extra from the remedy, suggesting that digital actuality could assist cut back the necessities for ache reduction with opioids, which might be extremely addictive.

It’s not but understood precisely how digital actuality relieves ache. The most well-liked clarification in the present day is that the wealthy and immersive expertise of digital actuality includes the mind and overwhelms the senses, limiting the processing of ache indicators in different components of the physique.

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