Watch Gordon Ramsay Jump Out of a Helicopter This Crazy Uncharted Sneak Peek

Gordon Ramsay You gained't let just a little factor like a shark-infested ocean cease you from studying about tradition and delicacies. On this unique clip from Sunday's episode of Nationwide Geographic Gordon Ramsay: UnchartedRamsay visits the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal to study in regards to the Zulu traditions, and his helicopter pilot informs him that he must leap off the ship and swim to the seashore if he needs to check with the mussel masters Marcus and Clive.

"I’m not right here for six months to turn out to be a correct warrior, however belief me, that may be a step in the suitable route," says Ramsay after rising unscathed from the water. "Leap from a helicopter right into a fierce sea, blended with sharks, to get to the seashore. Belief me, after that leap, I hope these mussels are value it, as a result of I'm right here to study."

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In Sunday's episode, Ramsay may even spend time with different native specialists, together with chef Zola Nene, who exhibits Gordon a number of the varied kinds of Zulu and Indian delicacies, and a wildlife tracker named Lonely, who is aware of the way to discover earthworms and fish as you progress away from territorial rhinos and hippos.

Unexplored Season 2 premiered on June 7 with an episode in Tasmania. The brand new season may even see Ramsay's journey to Louisiana, Indonesia, Guyana, India, and Norway to find out about native meals customs and methods.

Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted airs on Sundays at 10 / 9c on Nationwide Geographic.

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