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Back to their regular schedule this week and moving forward, we bring you Tom & Chelsea from “Temptation Island this week – together. When you first heard them, they were recorded separately after episode 1. Well, little did we know at the time that they actually lived in the same apartment and were just recorded at different times. But now that it's all over, I wanted them to talk about everything that had happened during the final bonfire, the reunion show, and now where they are as a couple since the reunion, since that was recorded over a month ago. They are clearly still together, but what has it been like to surf social media? And what was the difficulty in your relationship when the show aired? Much to discuss here as they are probably my favorite couple on the show, probably because I spoke to them first and I immediately liked them both. If you want to respond to the interview, please include Tom & Chelsea's Instagram identifiers (@thomasgipson Y @chelseabreea) in your responses. It's great to talk to them without restriction and talk about the things I couldn't ask them when I first interviewed them.

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(SPOILERS) Tom and Chelsea from "Temptation Island" join me in discussing everything that has happened since I first interviewed them after episode 1 of the season. Those final bonfire decisions, which caused Chelsea to change her initial thought process, where is Tom and Sophia's friendship now, the difficulties of navigating social media during and after the show, where are they as a couple as we speak, and much, much. more.

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Music written by Jimmer Podrasky
(B & # 39; Jingo / Machia Music / Bug Music BMI songs)

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