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So yes, I am like a child. You know when you're really young, you beg your parents for that toy or game you wanted, you get it, you play it to the max, and two weeks later it's yesterday's news? Now, I'm not saying I'm not playing Wordle anymore because I am. I'm just saying my excitement level isn't at a 100 anymore. Maybe it's around a 10. I've played for 24 days and got it on all 24. And today for the first time I got it on the second try. I feel like I've accomplished everything I need to with it, so it's not that important to me anymore. I don't have a goal to guess on the first try because that's just blind luck. There is no skill if you do that. I'll keep playing, but the days of playing right at midnight are over, I don't need to write things down anymore and, well, my shiny new toy is old news to me because I don't find it challenging anymore. We had a moment, Wordle. We had a moment.

Get your "Reader Emails" by tomorrow. We have some leftovers from last week that never made it to the podcast, but we definitely need more for tomorrow. Hopefully the guest from last week's podcast will show up, as we're supposed to be recording tomorrow. You know, one of these days I'm gonna shoot like 2 or 3 in a week, so I have stuff booked way in advance and I'm not walking a tightrope every single g'dam trying to book a guest. You know, it's only been 5 years. One would think that he would have learned by now. But not. Not even close. Pretty much every week in the last 5 years since I started my podcast, I record on Tuesdays or Wednesdays before it airs on Thursdays, without fail. And the times I've recorded a couple in advance is like the biggest relief ever. You'd think he'd try to do that more often. No. King of procrastination, I'm telling you.

The first thing I've been asked over the weekend, and well all season, is who cast Clayton. Apparently an IG account this weekend posted a spoiler of who the winner was, which was news to me. I went and looked and:

-This is an IG account that has 11k followers.
-This is an IG account that, from what I saw, has never posted an original spoiler before.
-This is an IG account that says in many of their posts "We got our Reality Steve spoilers"
-I don't know who these people are who run it, I've never interacted with them and I haven't posted who Clayton chose because I don't know.

So take that for what it's worth.

It's basically impossible to talk about what I'm hearing. Because if it's not the winner, then people don't want to hear about it and complain. You don't want to hear anything I'm hearing about unless it's the winner. I get it. That's why I haven't given any updates in a while. It doesn't make sense because I will only hear complaining about the peanut gallery. I just know that I'm working on it, I've heard a lot of stuff and I'm just trying to figure out what's real and what's not. When I know, you will know. I'm a broken record, I know, but that's all I can say at this point.

Nothing on social media or the show's edition has 100% revealed the winner, because you could easily defend any of the 3 endings based on that. Why did Susie post a photo on the IG feed yesterday about getting to Clayton's heart if he didn't win? Why did Rachel post an IG story of a slow-dancing photo last week on her 1-on-1 date if she didn't win? Why did Gabby post a photo of her date in the helicopter on her IG account if she didn't win? Anyone who wants to be the winner can make a case to fit their narrative. And let's not forget that you have a 33% chance of hitting. So it's not that hard to throw out one of the 3 names and then say you were right to get to the end. It's still all speculation at this point because there's nothing concrete on whether any of them will win. Sure, some Rando IG page posted her Rachel, but I haven't been told or shown anything that makes it 100% accurate. I have also not been told or shown anything that would make it 100% accurate if it is Susie or Gabby either. I'm just hoping to get the strongest confirmation I can before running it. Until then, it's all just speculation.

By the way, even though this is old news now, please like, comment and subscribe on TikTok as I post your weekly spoilers there. Next week will arrive later today or tomorrow for Croatia:

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It truly is loopy how confused individuals are with these spoilers. Since every episode doesn't finish with a rose ceremony, and I don't watch the episodes upfront, it's unattainable to know what can be proven in every episode apart from wanting on the press launch that comes out on Tuesday. So saying episode-by-episode spoilers can be much more complicated for most individuals. That's why I solely go together with Rose Ceremony #-whatever since you realize who goes residence whenever you see a rose ceremony. However I’ve to submit the Canadian rose ceremony spoilers earlier than the episode airs, nevertheless we solely noticed the Houston rose ceremony final evening and received't see the Canadian one till subsequent week. I actually hate once they don't finish episodes with rose ceremonies in case you didn't know.

One other Bachelor Nation “story” that caught my eye final week was this considerably complicated tweet from Demi:

The explanation I'm confused by it is because I don't know what she's speaking about. Did I miss one thing about Riley and Maurissa's breakup? Demi's tweet reads like there's a transparent one-sided narrative in regards to the breakup and everybody who believes that's flawed. I believed we didn't know something about your breakup? I’ve heard nothing, nor have I seen something publicly of any shadow forged by both facet. And the truth that Maurissa appreciated the tweet makes it sound like Demi is siding with Maurissa on this. Which is ok, however I had no concept that Riley was by some means profitable over the general public opinion about this breakup. So why did he really feel the necessity to inform individuals to cease believing within the BS in regards to the breakup, after I assume 99% of the followers don't even know what that BS is, it's like scratching your head.

And, oh sure, the ultimate irony of those tweets isn’t misplaced on me both. I couldn't invent this stuff if I attempted.

And eventually, talking of tweets, Clayton is taking accountability for the poor choices he has made this yr round Shanae:

Properly, at the very least now he can acknowledge it. And it will likely be fairly an attention-grabbing WTA whenever you converse instantly with Shanae. Nonetheless, my greatest drawback was that Clayton now has extra to do with Elizabeth's apology from final week, once we see an increasing number of of what he knew on the time. And that apology is falling flat on my face earlier than my eyes. I'll get to that on the subsequent web page.

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