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Do you want to know more about my busy day? Of course yes. So today at 5:30 I am supposed to be recording this week's podcast with "Bachelor" recap Ali Barthwell from That will basically extend to when I go live with Ashley Spivey for our weekly IG live chat at 7:00, then around 8:30, I go to a friend's podcast to record the awesomeness that is "Cobra Kai ". It will be a good 4-5 hours of continuous work. Imagine that? I guess that's why they pay me a lot of money. Believe it or not, since, well, only one of those even makes money. So yeah, join me and Ashley tonight for our weekly IG Live chat on 8ET / 5PT. We do it again on Tuesdays. So when we start doing this during the pandemic, we start on Sundays. Then when Clayshia season started, we changed them to Wednesday nights, right? (I have forgotten). And now we are on Tuesdays. So just like the NFL had games every day of the week this season for the first time, maybe Ashley and I should strive to do that too. That's what COVID does with things. It ruins them all. However, I think we are solid on Tuesday nights for the rest of the season. Well, as long as people don't start acting like idiots in the comments. Thanks again to everyone who joined last week. It was a great show and I am so thankful that Ashley is back. See you tonight!

Also, get your "Readers Emails" for tomorrow as it's a pretty low batch right now. Plenty of time to ask questions on any topic, including last night's episode. You know I love statistics, right? Well this show is very much a habit building. In the second episode of the season (which is the first episode in which the dates begin), they have followed a pattern. For the longest time, the second episode of the season would have two individual dates and a group date. From Ashley's season to Andi's season, here's how it was done: two 1-on-1s and 1 group date in the second episode. Then, starting with the Chris Soules season, they switched it up and decided to go on two group dates and one individual date in episode two. So in the last 12 seasons since Chris's (Chris, Kaitlyn, Ben, JoJo, Nick, Rachel, Arie, Becca, Colton, Hannah, Peter, and Clare), only ONE time did they stray and revert to the two 1-on -1 and 1 group date in episode 2, and that was Arie's season, where Becca and Krystal went on solo dates in episode 2. Does this mean anything at all? No. I just thought to point it out. I mean, maybe we can see if they are going to return to these two solos / a group in ep 2 in the future. But other than that, I don't think it means much.

As far as stats go, did you see what @BachelorData posted over the weekend regarding getting the first 1-on-1 date of the season? If this pattern shows us something, it seriously undermines any chance Bri has of being last. But hey, maybe "Bachelorette"?

Speaking of the latter, since I was asked a lot about it on social media last night, let me address it again. I got a lot of "Won't you cover Matt's spoilers this season?" Messages? Last night. Last week I posted the spoilers of what I knew. You can read that here. I’ll repeat once more. I’ve no affirmation that Rachael is the one who picked Matt. None. I've heard endlessly from folks within the Cumming, GA space that family and friends are saying that Rachael wins. Possibly she finally ends up successful. I'm simply saying that's not affirmation for me.

I don't know who Matt picked. I do know Rachael, Serena P., and Michelle Younger (who has but to carry out) are of their final four. I assume Bri is the fourth of their final 4, however I’ve no affirmation on that. . So proper now, there’s a lot within the air. However I'm not saying that Rachael is Matt's winner. I didn't say it final week. I'm not saying this this week. That's what i used to be saying It was, however they inform me plenty of issues each season. If / after I obtain the affirmation of the winner, I’ll let . However I do know there have been lots of people speaking about it being Rachael, then folks come to me to ask if it's true, and I laid out what they instructed me. Which is, not one of the individuals who instructed me they "heard" that it was Rachael have given me any proof or proof of any type in order that I can run it with any sort of confidence. We have now time. I’m working to seek out out whether it is true or not.

We all know from my spoiler earlier than the season after which from the promo for the season final week that Heather Martin joins the present someday later, solely to be despatched house the identical day. And from the appears of the promo, it appears like he crashes in the course of a date. Did you hear the BS motive why Robert Mills gave the why / how this occurred? That is what he mentioned on his radio present final week:

"Robert Mills, an ABC government, instructed Bachelor Recap co-host Julia Cunningham that she 'did her greatest' to get Matt's season.

"She was positive it was her husband and she or he mainly did the whole lot she may to get there and find him," Robert mentioned.

In the event you purchase any of that, I’ve a bit of land to promote you. The best way to make it look managed by Heather how and when was she going to point out up? Do you actually need us to purchase this? This program controls who reveals up and when, not the opposite means round. I don't know who reached out to whom, however not for a second do I believe Heather dictated something relating to her look on the present. Hey, perhaps she reached out to manufacturing by a selected individual to allow them to know she was excited by Matt. That occurs loads. However the manufacturing didn't convey her down, Heather booked her personal ticket and appeared on set. Let's go. We’re not idiots. They organized the whole lot, AND, from the second she acquired on a aircraft to go away, they knew what her vacation spot could be when she confirmed up. Don't allow them to attempt to let you know in any other case.

This was a enjoyable tweet that unfold after final week's premiere. Somebody seen that a lady from this season as soon as helped her out of a very troublesome scenario. Learn the complete Twitter thread to seek out out who he's speaking about:

Kristin deserves a Good Samaritan award for rescuing that poor lady from the coolness of a married man. Who would have thought that? A married man chasing a single faculty lady? That by no means occurs! Kristin could not final lengthy on this present, however she’s going to all the time be remembered for her bravery and heroism on that fateful night time. We salute you Kristin for taking up the creepy and perverted married males of the world.

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