The World According to Comedians

 World According to Comedians: The World’s Happiest Country

5 x 56 reality + 1 x 56 min Stand Up special


Three internationally acclaimed comedians, Aditi Mittal (India), Tumi Morake (South Africa) and Liza Treyger (US) travel to Finland to find out what makes it the happiest country on earth for 5th year in a row.

The factual reality series follows the three women on their road trip through Finland working as trainees in different jobs: jail, reindeer herding, factory, border guard, homeless shelter, maternity ward etc.

The last episode of the series is shot in New York where the comedians do a stand up show about “happiness” inspired by their trip to Finland.



Anssi Rimpelä, +358 44 513 2012


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The World According to Comedians