Dancing with Sharks
With massive fan bases, wild performance demands, and the ruthless, never-ending pursuit of the paparazzi, it’s safe to say that the nation’s biggest stars are usually up for a challenge. Now, eight of the nations’s most popular celebrities will find themselves surrounded by water facing an entirely new set of challenges in Dancing with Sharks (Stars Underwater).
By night, our favorite stars will be housed in a luxurious mansion where they’ll be filmed making allies, enemies, and reacting to the challenges they’ll be faced with the next day.
By day, those same eight celebrities will be divided into teams of two to face daily missions involving some of the world’s most deadly underwater creatures.
Viewers will find themselves enthralled with visuals of beautiful and distinct underwater flora, rich tropical scenes, and exclusive marine scenery that stands out in today’s market for prime time television.
This series will focus on the interactions between our favorite celebrities while allowing our viewers to watch them brave terrifying marine missions all in an effort to donate to their most important charitable causes.
With so much terrifying beauty and the fate of so many on the line, Dancing with Sharks (Stars Underwater) delivers unique combination of celebrity reality and wildlife tv to reality TV formats.
Turnkey production hub will be available in Finland making this epic scale entertainment, cost-affordable and scalable.

The most beautiful and breathtaking celebrity reality format!

 Reality 10x42min.

Dancing with Sharks