The Instagram HITmakers
In a world dominated by social media, Instagram Hitmakers asks, “what does it really take to go viral?”.
In this pop culture driven series, Instagram Hitmakers takes a look behind the scenes to see what it takes to make it as a successful digital artist on the world’s largest photo-video sharing platform.
Viewers will follow three of the nation’s top photographers as they travel the world to 8 locations with randomly assigned models. In each episode, these famous and well published photographers will have 24 hours to take, edit, and release their images to social media totaling 24 powerful, storytelling photos by series’ end.
Viewers will learn what it really takes to make phenomenal visual content. Which photographer has what it takes to be the nation’s top Instagram Hitmaker?
In the final episode, the winner is announced in a live season finale crowning only one artist the title of Instagram Hitmaker.
Collaboration across platforms gives Instagram HITmakers great brand integration opportunities.

Cross-Platform Reality 10×42

The Instagram HITmakers