10 x Weddings: Lapland
For many couples, getting married is an unforgettable once in an lifetime event that ranges from traditional to extraordinary. For 10 lucky couples, the wedding of a lifetime is just within reach… And they’ll be sharing their heartfelt, emotional unions with 10 other couples.
In 10x Couples, ten unique pairs, dating for various lengths of times will come together and meet to have their weddings on the other side of the world. They’ll stay in a luxury winter result in Lapland, known for its stunning beauty and reputation as a prime wedding destination.
The couples (young, old, gay, straight, etc.) will meet each other for the very first time at the airport and discuss their fears, excitements, and expectations.
Each episode will begin with a new couple at the exact time all the engaged couples meet each other at the airport. As each episode progresses, viewers will see their story unfold from the couple’s perspective as they interact with the others leading up to their wedding day.
Unique storytelling mechanism gives genre-defining concept look and feel unmatched in current wedding shows. Production hub is being setup in Lapland in 2019.

Wedding Reality 10x42min.

10 x Weddings: Lapland