Date in Metaverse

“Date in Metaverse”: Dive into the Future of Dating!

Step into the forefront of entertainment and matchmaking as we present “Date in Metaverse”, a revolutionary TV-format that’s not just a dating show, but an experience!

Vision Beyond Reality:
Leveraging the power of the Unreal Engine technology, this show elevates visual spectacles to unparalleled heights. Watch as our contestants explore virtual worlds, each more breathtaking and immersive than the last.

Check-In, Plug In, Find Love:
Our hotel isn’t just another luxury retreat – it’s a portal to countless adventures! Each room isn’t confined by four walls, but opens up to endless virtual horizons. Our singletons embark on digital rendezvous, engaging with a myriad of avatars, each reflecting the spirit and personality of a real participant.

Love Beyond Pixels:
After a day of virtual whirlwind romances, the true test awaits. Contestants gather in the plush nightclub, where the digital world meets reality. With the avatars aside, participants must reconnect, relying on intuition, memory, and genuine connection to discern who enchanted them in the virtual world.

Will they find their match? Or will reality diverge from the digital dream?

Join us on this unprecedented journey that redefines dating and entertainment. “Date in Metaverse” – Where pixels meet passion, and virtual embraces become real connections.

Date in Metaverse