Master of Ice and Show
The next generation of obstacle courses meets its latest and greatest challenge inside a freezing, 360 outdoor arena with Master of Ice & Snow.
This genre dominated by likes of American Ninja Warrior and Titan Games will now have a new and undisputed champion. In this thrilling new series, contestants are pushed to the edge while they brave Finland’s notoriously harsh arctic winters.
Viewers are afforded the opportunity to not only follow them through the 360 degree course, but connect with their journey illuminated under Finland’s legendary Northern Lights. Athletes will face icy terrains, blistering snow, and freezing cold temperatures as they make their way through the custom-built outdoor obstacle course.
Only the strong-willed will pass leaving the ones who come up short in the competition to meet their fall into cold, unforgiving icy waters.
In this new TV format, we explore and redefine what it means to be tough, what it means to persevere, and what it takes to do it all in below zero temperatures.
Turnkey production hub will be available in Finland making this epic scale entertainment, cost-affordable and scalable.

Obstacle Course Sports Entertainment 10×42 min.

Master of Ice and Show